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Free Yourself from Subconscious Blocks

The Guru Gaitri Mantra supports you in releasing unconscious blocks and cleansing your aura.

The mantra consists of 8 parts. While chanting, you build up a strong protective shield for your aura. The aura is the expansion of the electromagnetic field of your body cells. This helps you to feel safe and secure.

The mantra enables you to be compassionate and patient with yourself. With these qualities, together with the feeling of safety, there is an opening of the subconscious and a re-evaluation of past experiences.

You can then look at these experiences from a different perspective and with a different attitude.

An emotional healing process.

You can relax more easily and have more life energy available in your body.

The Practice


Sit comfortably in easy pose.


Gobinde: Make fists next to your body, arms roughly at right angles.

Mukande: Stretch your arms above your head in a V.

Udare: Bring your hands together above your head, forming a roof over your head.

Apare: Bring your arms over your sides to the Lotus Mudra in front of your heart (palms not touching, just fingers).

Hariang: Stretch your arms out parallel to the front, palms facing away from your body.

Kariang: Turn your palms upwards.

Nirname: Turn the palms towards each other (fingers pointing away from you).

Akame: Bring your hands together in a prayer position in front of your heart.


Meditate to your favorite version of Gobinde Mukande or without any music at all.

You can find more info about the mantra in our mantra library.

I love this version of the mantra: Tera Naam – Gobinday Mukanday

After chanting, sit in silence for a while with your hands in Anjali Mudra and experience your experience. Notice your sensations. Visualize your aura as a strong, luminous energy field around you. Let it expand further and further.

Take an inner screenshot of this image and the sensations and connect with this memory whenever you want.

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