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Listening to Angelic Whispers

This meditation refines the sattvic guna of your mind. Sattvic means pure, true, and balanced, and it represents contentment, joy, peace, and harmony.

The 2-part kriya involves whistling along to the Ardas Bhaee mantra, which is said to answer prayers even when we don’t know what we’re praying for.

If you cannot physically whistle or you feel it’s too much whistling, purse your lips and breathe as if you could/would whistle. Meditate on the sound in your mind.

The Practice


Sit down very calmly and quietly in easy pose, with a straight spine.


Put your hands on opposite shoulders. Your arms must cross. Hold your shoulders well with the arms relaxed on the chest.

Close your eyes.


Part 1

Listen to your favorite recording of the Ardaas Bhayee mantra. As you listen to the instruments play this tune, whistle with it.

Hear the sound of the whistle at the Brow Point.

Keep your eyes closed. Be very calm, and quiet inside of yourself.

This is a posture of peace.

You can find more info about the mantra in our mantra library.

I love this version of the mantra: Nirinjan Kaur – Ardas Bhaee

Ardaas bhayee, amar daas guroo,

Amar daas guroo, ardaas bhayee,

Raam daas guroo, raam daas guroo,

Raam daas guroo, sachee sahee.

Part 2

Then begin long, slow, deep breathing.

Mentally listen to the echo of your whistling.

Hear the sound you created before.

Bring your unison power of the mind, the subtle sattvic guna of the mind, to listen.

Continue for 3 – 11 minutes. To end, inhale deeply through the nose, hold for 5 – 10 seconds. Exhale powerfully through the mouth. As you hold the breath in, put all the pressure downward on your shoulders with your hands. Press them down, and keep the spine steady and straight. Repeat the breath a total of three times. Relax.

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