Your Om Sangha
Your Om Sangha - Live Session - Silent Meditation (5 Minutes)

Silent Meditation (5 Minutes)

This is a meditation timer for 5 minutes of silent meditation.

Before starting the timer, find a comfortable seat, take a few deep breaths, and gently close your eyes.

Your hands can be placed on your thighs or in your lap. Palms down for a more grounded feeling or palms up to receive energy.

At the beginning you will hear a deep sound of a meditation bowl. The sound will last for 1 minute. This will help you adjust to the silence.

At the end of the 5 minutes, you will hear a higher sound of a meditation bell.

You can rub your hands together in front of your heart and create some heat. Cover your eyes with your palms. Then slowly open your eyes into the darkness you’ve created. Move your hands away from your face and gently allow yourself to adjust to the light.

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